July 15, 2016

On-Going Campaigns

Learn more about our brick campaign and our naming rights opportunities!
Help support the Tayamentasachta school farm!


Welcome to GAEF’s ongoing brick campaign! Supporting GAEF with the purchase of a brick is two-fold: GAEF athletics and arts programs, scholarships, and Tayamentasachta are supported AND you leave your mark at the Greencastle-Antrim School campus. See pictures below of the current brick walkway. Our goal is to extend this walkway all the way around the track. Order a brick today for your company, your graduate, or in memory or honor of a loved one.


Download the brochure. Brick Brochure May 2016.

Text to be engraved:
Cont. or call 717-597-4610

Bricks photo          Bricks and Flagpole photo



Support the Greencastle-Antrim School District and get your business name out to the public! Purchase an advertisement on the scoreboard at Kaley Field. Also available are quick but effective messages on our information screen (located on the scoreboard). For pricing options and more details, please contact Vicki Ritchey at 717-597-3226 (ext. 10560).

Other available naming opportunities will support the

$2.5 million campaign to repay the school district for the 2 turf fields, new track,

and new lighting at Kaley field.

See below for available opportunities.

Entire Outdoor Athletic Complex $1,000,000
The Stadium $500,000
Kaley Field NOT FOR SALE
North Field $250,000
6-Lane Track $100,000
Kaley Field Scoreboard Sponsored
Kaley Field Press Box $75,000
Concession Stand $75,000
Football Team Block House Sponsored
Baseball Field $75,000
Softball Field $75,000
Cross Country Course $7,500
High School Gymnasium $250,000
Middle School Gymnasium $100,000
Elementary School gymnasium $20,000
Primary School Gymnasium $20,000
High School Auditorium Sponsored
Wrestling Room $7,500
Wrestling Mats $5,000
Training Room Sponsored
High School Weight Room Sponsored
Middle School Weight Room $7,500
High School Cardio Room $5,000
Middle School Cardio Room $4,000
High School Locker Rooms $10,000
Middle School Locker Rooms $7,500
High School Library $50,000
Middle School Library $40,000
Elementary School Library $30,000
Primary School Library $30,000
High School Band Room $50,000
Middle School Band Room $45,000
High School Chorus Room $50,000
Middle School Chorus Room $40,000
High School Lobby Sponsored
Middle School Lobby $15,000
Elementary School Lobby $10,000
Primary School Lobby $10,000
High School Cafeteria $20,000
Middle School Cafeteria $15,000
High School Art Room $7,500
Middle School Art Room $7,500
Elementary School Art Room $7,500
Primary School Art Room $7,500
High School Computer Room $7,500
Middle School Computer Room $7,000
Elementary Computer Room $7,500
Primary Computer Room $7,500
High School Nurses Suite $7,500
Middle School Nurses Suite $7,500
Elementary Nurses Suite $7,500
Primary Nurses Suite $7,500
High School Technology Lab $7,500
Middle School Technology Lab $6,000
District Administrative Offices Sponsored
High School Administrative Offices Sponsored
Middle School Administrative Offices Sponsored
Elementary School Administrative Offices Sponsored
Primary School Administrative Offices Sponsored




Tayamentasachta (TAY-a-men-ta-sak-ta), which was established in 1966, is a Center for Environmental Studies which hosts environmental education programs for students of the Greencastle-Antrim School District. The purpose of the environmental education programs is to educate our students in ecology and environmental science, encourage the natural development of scientific inquiry, and foster awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the environment and Earth’s systems as well as our cultural heritage so our students can become responsible stewards of planet Earth.

Tayamentasachta is a 45-acre environmental center with amenities that include a 17th century farmhouse and barn, natural spring, spring house, log cabin, longhouse, pavilion, and orchard. Additionally, walking trails, woodlots, fields, and gardens make it possible for our students to actively learn interdisciplinary concepts during a unique and unforgettable learning experience. The center is open to the public from dawn to dusk, seven days a week. Certain facilities of the center are available for rent by the community. Maintenance and repairs to the buildings are an ongoing concern and require funds. The investment return once the endowment is accomplished as well as volunteer labor will keep this facility within the school district is the goal.

Tayamentasachta in the news:

Tayamentasachta Project Gets Donation

Recreations Organizations Get Antrim Township Grants

tayamentasachta farmhouse2




WRGG 93.7 debuted in the summer of 2016! WRGG provides local news, public-service programming, and live sports coverage.

WRGG in the news:

Greencastle-Antrim Radio is on the air at WRGG

Visit the WRGG Website here.