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Shockey Family Foundation – Middle School Books

Shockey Family Foundation – Middle School Books

We are grateful to the Shockey Family Foundation and supporting local businesses that make these resources possible! This is just one example of the many ways the GAEF Grant Program supports our students and teachers in the GASD!

GAEF Grants Working for Students and Teachers

GAEF Grants Working for Students and Teachers

"I want GAEF to know that their generosity has been GREATLY appreciated! The investment in my students has made a difference!" Grant funds were used to purchase a coffee cart and the students are putting it to good use.

Because of you…


GAEF supports band, chorus, drama, art,  and much more.


GAEF awards Teacher Grants to enhance the classroom experience and supports Professional Development for GASD Staff and Faculty along with Technology, STEAM, and Tayamentasachta.


GAEF supports all G-A sports programs and Kaley Field enhancements.


Tayamentasachta (TAY-a-men-ta-sak-ta), which was established in 1966, is a Center for Environmental Studies which hosts environmental education programs for students of the Greencastle-Antrim School District. The purpose of the environmental education programs is to educate our students in ecology and environmental science, encourage the natural development of scientific inquiry, and foster awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the environment and Earth’s systems as well as our cultural heritage so our students can become responsible stewards of planet Earth.

Tayamentasachta is a 45-acre environmental center with amenities that include a 17th century farmhouse and barn, natural spring, spring house, log cabin, longhouse, pavilion, and orchard. Additionally, walking trails, woodlots, fields, and gardens make it possible for our students to actively learn interdisciplinary concepts during a unique and unforgettable learning experience. Maintenance and repairs to the buildings are on-going and require funds. Donations are accepted on our make a gift page.

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